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You may be wondering how does your LinkedIn profile, resume and cover letter relate to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?  Or maybe you have not seen results from your job submissions. Well, you came to the right place. Seek answers to your burning questions and desire to learn more how our services can help you land your next big opportunity!


How Does SEO Relate To Job Searching?

Search Engine Optimization plays a critical role in getting found on the web. When you go to a website like Google you will type in a few words or a whole phrase to search for information. The search results page shows you relevant webpages to your search. This very same method is used when you submit your resume to an employer; often entered into a database or fill out your LinkedIn profile. The keywords that describe what you are all about is the portion of the process that helps pick you out from the rest of the pack. The representative searches the resume database using key phrases. By posting your resume publicly on Indeed or SimplyHired it is possible for the recruiter to find your resume in a Google search.

Why Should I Have My LinkedIn Profile Optimized?

Having your profile be “SEO friendly” allows for recruiters to search for qualified candidates across search engines and the LinkedIn platform. Keywords on your profile should be geared towards your industry that you are applying to as well as directed to the job position.

What Is An Optimized Resume?

An optimized resume means that it is “SEO friendly” to be found by recruiters who are looking for candidates like yourself. The keywords in your resume must always be relevant to the position in which you are applying for; it has to pass the online screening process before a human sees your resume.

What Is The Purpose Of A Cover Letter?

The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce yourself to the organization, showing your interest in the company and to draw attention to your resume. A well written cover letter can assist in expressing your personality and intrigue the reader enough so they want to contact you for an interview.

Do You Offer Custom Quotes?

Yes we do! If our pricing packages do not fit you needs please contact us and we will provide a custom quote to you. Items may include a revision or just one element such as a resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile separately.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept PayPal payments and all major debit/credit cards.

Do You Make Any Guarantees With Results?

We do not make any guarantees for exposure, phone calls/emails from prospective employers or any job offers. We provide a service to help increase your exposure and chances of finding your next opportunity. There are too many variables that affect this process such as type of job posting, applicant systems or any other means to lead someone into submitting their information for consideration whether through a job posting or where you may show up in search engine results pages.

Does Posting On LinkedIn Increase My Exposure?

The answer is yes. On average you have to post 20 updates a month in order to reach 60% of your network. This may sound like a lot but in all reality it isn’t. If you plan to post 3 times a week you will be near 20 updates. Another tip is you don’t always have to post updates on yourself or news. You can be active by liking, commenting and sharing your connections postings as well as being active in a variety of groups. Many groups have members that will post questions to create a discussion. When responding with an answer it is seen by others and you may pick up a few additional connection requests that could turn into leads later.

Doesn’t LinkedIn Classify As Social Media?

While LinkedIn is a social media site, it is geared towards professionals both young and old. LinkedIn has a different culture than what you will find on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. Using this powerful professional social media platform can bring you into new insights. Your postings do not always have to be all business. It is acceptable to congratulate someone on a job change or promotion, share an idea you have and offer your own opinion, connect with those whom you never have met (not seen as creepy), send an InMail (LinkedIn message) to a recruiter and others as well as  share tidbits of your personal life. Be careful when sharing personal details. Remember this is not Facebook. We suggest keeping details to a minimum such as moving to a new city, wanting to change your career focus and be very vague if sharing something about your family/kids if they did something that inspired you.

What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

We work when its best for you. Most work like phone consultations will be completed Monday-Friday in the evening. All other communication will take place with email.

What Is The Timeline For Project Completion

This will vary by project scope. All deadlines will be discussed with the client as applicable.